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        Talius Hurricane Shutter
        Hurricane Protection - Rollshutters, Shutters, Hurricane Fabric & Panels

        Tropical storms, hurricanes, storm surges and turbulent weather can be dangerous and costly. Left unprotected, your home or business is at risk of becoming severely damaged, or destroyed

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        Security shutter
        Security Solutions - Rollshutters, Security Laminate

        Rollshutters are the ultimate solution when you want to protect what’s behind your windows.
        Strong, secure and durable, Talius rollshutters glide easily into place when you need them and retract into an overhead panel box when you don’t.

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        sun protection
        Sun Protection - Habitat Screens, Awnings & Interior Shades

        The intense heat and glare of the sun’s UV rays are hot and can be uncomfortable.
        Talius offers a variety of attractive and practical solutions that will make the sun more enjoyable

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        standby power generator
        Stand-By Power

        Whether it’s a standby power system for commercial building, a backup generator powering the family home through an outage, or portable generators powering tools at the job site, Generac meets the power needs of consumers and businesses alike.

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        Each of our products is designed to offer a multitude of solutions for your home, business, or outdoor living space. Discover the many benefits of Talius Products.

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