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Bahama and Colonial Shutters


Bahama Shutters provide durable hurricane protection with a tropical look and feel that also provides shade and privacy to your home. When opened, Bahama shutters allow light and breeze to flow through while keeping direct sunlight out. Bahama shutters can be quickly closed and secured without lifting or tools.

Bahama shutters are versatile, beautiful, and easy to use.  They provide extensive hurricane protection while giving your home an extra privacy and an exotic tropical feel. By installing Bahama shutters, our customers allow themselves to enjoy a worry-free life even in the most hurricane-prone areas. Bahama shutters look excellent on any home regardless of architectural style.

When open, the shutters allow sufficient light and air through while saving energy. When closed, they turn the house into a fortress. Bahama shutters are permanently mounted becoming an integral part of the house design.

Our Bahama shutters are manufactured to meet the highest standards. They are made out of the highest-quality materials to provide year-round protection from extreme weather conditions.  Talius shutters come in a variety of color and design options. Each one of our products is beautiful and durable.


Colonial shutters create a decorative appeal combined with durability and superior weather protection. These shutters are installed permanently so they can be closed and opened without any effort. Colonial shutters don’t require too much maintenance while always looking their best. They provide your home with wind and flying debris protection, making them an excellent choice for hurricane-prone areas. Colonial shutters can be created with multiple panels.

It takes only a few seconds to open and close colonial shutters. The simple hinge mechanism is long-lasting and durable allowing the home to withstand forceful windstorms and hurricanes. Our colonial shutters are built to comply with the toughest standards and building codes.


Bahama and Colonial Shutters

Tropical storms, hurricanes, storm surges and turbulent weather can be dangerous and costly.

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