How to Choose the Generac Generator that is Right for You
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How to Choose the Generac Generator that is Right for You

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Shopping for generators these days has become a whole lot easier. The idea of what a generator is has been shattered by brands such as Generac who continue to add new and impressive features to their products. The noisy, multipurpose generator that you once had in your garage ought to be replaced by a model designed for residential, commercial, or industrial use. If you’re looking for a new generator, consider the following options which are tailored specifically for an enhanced user experience.

Residential Generators

PowerPact Generator 5.6 kVA: The PowerPact is a home standby generator that is an affordable and automatic alternative to portable backup power. It is deemed the most reliable generator for the home, as it protects essential circuits like refrigerators, well pumps, and select appliances, without the manual set up during inclement weather.

Guardian Series Generator 8 kVA and Generator 13 kVA: Guardian 8 kVA and 13kVA come highly recommended as it hails from the best selling Guardian Series. These generators ensure essential circuit power protection for the home, and power appliances and devices in case of a power outage. The standby generator offers full protection for approximately half the cost of central air conditioning. 

Industrial Generators

One minute without power can lose business valuable income. Generac has products tailored to specific industries, guaranteed to get the job done. 

The Manufacturing Industry is heavily reliant on power for effective lighting and climate control. The standby power systems by Generac are designed to help businesses avoid interruption, should there be a power outage. The Diesel Genset Series offers generators from 33 to 3250 kVa with a range of features catering to the sector. An LCD screen allows for an easy read of key details like fuel level, oil pressure and battery voltage. 

The Diesel Genset Models of 33kVa ,50kVa ,60kVa ,90kVa and 112kVa are versatile generators which can prove useful to a range of business sectors:

  • Loss of power in the Health Sector can result in the loss of a life, which means that backup power systems must be reliable. The models are specifically chosen for healthcare facilities, and experts ensure they comply with local regulations
  • Businesses such as supermarkets consume high amounts of electricity, thus, the generators work for the Retail sector
  • Generac has become a the solution of choice for Telecommunications companies, who use the Diesel Genset models as backup power for cell sites and data centres
  • Oil and Gas companies play a crucial role in daily life, and so they have trusted Generac to provide the best backup power systems. Alongside the 33kVa to 112kVa generators, models such as 265kVa, 450kVa and 560kVa are recommended for the sector

Portable Generators

IQ2000: This lightweight generator was designed to complement your outdoor activities with advanced features that make it a top of the line product. The inverter converts raw power from DC to AC power, with varied engine speed based on use. Everyone hates a loud generator at an event disrupting the atmosphere, the IQ2000 is ideal. Any worries about the battery life are eliminated with the run time display. 


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