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are rollshutters a good investment

Are Rollshutters A Good Investment?

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Strong, Secure, Durable

When planning to invest in any fixture to your home, these attributes are the most promising. They are found in retractable rollshutters which boast a number of attractive features for the home and business. Rollshutters are completely tailored based on specific requests from size to the purpose and can be installed on windows, doors, cabinet enclosures, and storefronts. 

Here are key reasons why rollshutters are the ultimate solution to invest in for your home or property:

Vandalism Protection

Rollshutters, best suited for security, are made from aluminum which makes them both lightweight and durable. Break-ins, glass breakage and theft can be prevented when a solid shutter system is installed. 

Security shutters are fitted with additional measures to prevent any possible point of entry. Locking options are available based on the shutter type. For example, hanger locks provide high security and are compatible with both manual and motorized operated shutters. Even when security is not a priority, sliding lock bars can be used to secure the rollshutter in place. Given that shutters on windows glide smoothly into sills, each fit varies to prevent tampering. SAFE U-sills come highly recommended for security, and an L-shaped sill is another option.

Storm Protection

Preparing for the strong winds and rains of the hurricane season requires a solid solution. Both commercial and residential rollshutters protect windows and contents behind from projectile objects. Furthermore, storm bars can be mounted in front or behind the shutter to safeguard against blowouts. These can be easily installed when an impact is expected.

Energy Efficiency and Sun Protection

When in use, the shutters prevent UV rays from entering the room, thus protecting contents from long term sun damage. The shutters are also insulated to absorb heat while completely blocking out the sun’s heat from a room, which reduces air conditioning costs and boosts energy efficiency.

Home Automation

Rollshutters can be operated manually or motorized, and with increasing technological advancements they can be incorporated into your home automation system. This allows control through your PC, smartphone, or tablet. When consulting with us to tailor the right rollshutter for your home, find out just how it can be integrated into your system.

Branding for Business

A unique way to amplify branding is through customization of your rollshutter. Although the standard colours are white, beige brown and silver, 1800 colour options exist for your choosing through a Benjamin Moore paint fan or by custom colour matching. You can have your unique logo or advertising printed on your rollshutters allows persons to identify your business easily or promotions for your business. We also provide an anti-graffiti coating for chemical resistance which saves cleaning costs and protects the image of the business.

Noise Prevention

Rollshutters are also ideal barriers against noise which will prove beneficial to children, persons suffering with migraine headaches and those who generally prefer to be in a quiet environment. 

So are rollshutters a good investment? There is certainly no doubt now that rollshutters are a good investment for both residential and commercial use. 

Clearly Safe Panels for Commercial Use

Finding the Best Security System for my Business

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Investing in securing your business will always be money well spent.

At a time where many security risks exist, there is no better time than the present to beef up security measures. A range of viable security products are available for you to safeguard your business and its assets.


  1. Rollshutters: This solution offers protection to contents behind windows. The aluminum shutter has been proven to withstand strong forces, and comes with internal locks which are hidden from the public. The shutters are retractable and lightweight which make them a perfect fixture for your business.
  2. Accordian Shutters: These are ideal for second story windows and other spaces that might make conventional installations difficult. They can be compactly folded at your convenience when not in use, and locks are offered for additional security. 
  3. Clearly SAFE Panels: The polycarbonate panels are durable and can be mounted outside of windows or doors to protect your property against break ins. A bonus feature is that natural light is still allowed to enter the building.
  4. Security Laminate: This is used specifically for glass and while it does not stop glass from breaking, it protects against forced entry. 

Burglar Proof Exterior Door

As the main point of entry, the front door is accessible by any and everyone who comes on your property. It’s easy to identify where the hinges are and what type of lock is used by burglars planning break-ins. The door should fit within the frame completely and metal or solid wood are sturdy options. The hinge pins of the doors should not face the outside, which would be accessible to others.

A heavy-duty deadbolt lock as a security system is a great choice for the front door when paired with a strike plate. Just like alarm systems, locks have evolved beyond needing keys and keyless options are on the rise. Why search for a key when access codes and phone access codes are available for convenience. Adding a rollshutter is the perfect final measure to protect the door. 

Alarm Systems and Video Cameras

You may also want to consider a security system that allows you to keep an eye on your property. Having real-time surveillance connected to your smartphone is one of the many benefits provided by today’s technology. Having hidden cameras around your property grants peace of mind, without the public knowing they are there. Gone are the days of alarm systems notifying security companies before you, why not get alerts straight to your device which saves time and money?


In addition to physical threats,  cybercrime cannot be ignored. The Caribbean is not immune to such threats, in fact, the region is even more vulnerable. Hacking of bank accounts and emails are forms of cybercrime directly affecting businesses. A cybersecurity investment plan protects against the loss of important files and data which are confidential. 

Security measures must not be taken for granted in a time where they have become more attractive to add to your property and they are technologically advanced. Protecting your property and online data will provide a greater sense of comfort as a business owner.

security rollshutters

How To Get The Most From Security Rollshutters

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In today’s world, it is becoming more and more important to protect and secure your property. Burglaries and break-ins are rising in frequency and homeowners are always on the lookout for a security system that works.

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security shutters

How Rollshutters Can Secure Your Home

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Looking for and buying the right home is, more often than not, a challenge on its own. From house inspections to installing security systems in your home, you will need to put a lot of time and effort into your home to ensure that it is just the way you want it to be.

Accessories that people often overlook when renovating their house are security shutters, thinking that they are not useful. On the contrary, security rollshutters can be a very integral part of your home and offer a variety of different benefits; the most important being security.

Keep Your Home Secure

A rollshutter system is comprised of metal slats that are closed and kept under pressure. Security shutters are most often seen on the exterior of shops and businesses to keep it secure when they close. While aluminum rollshutters are more commonly used for commercial purposes, they are also becoming immensely popular among homeowners in the Caribbean.

The main reason for this immense surge in popularity is because of the security that they provide. With the help of a quality rollshutter system, you can ensure that no one will be able to enter your home. Thanks to the use of aluminum, which is light and strong, rollshutters are incredibly durable and come with various features that will ensure that your house remains safe at all times.

Rolling shutters are more commonly placed on windows and doors to keep burglars from entering your premises. Both manual and motorized roll shutters are made of aluminum and a dense polyurethane core. That being said, the materials used in different rollshutter systems change depending on the brand and of course, price. More expensive rollshutters are more durable and less likely to malfunction; they also have applications through which you can control them like remote controls, and sun sensors.

Unlike security alarms that sound when someone is on the premises, the mere presence of rollshutters actively deter criminal elements from even trying. Another benefit of using roller shutters is that at the push of a button you can easily retract our security shutters, removing from sight when they aren’t needed.


Rollshutters are gaining in popularity when it comes to home security. Although a home alarm is also a very important security measure for your home, nothing beats a quality rollshutter system for both security and hurricane protection.

With the increasing rate of gun violence in the country, rollshutters are an investment that every home owner in the Caribbean can make to ensure their safety.